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At Victoria Primary School the teaching of mathematics is extremely important to everyone. Mathematics plays a big part in everyday life, allowing us to make sense of the world around us and to manage our lives. In school we use a range of resources to develop pupils skills from Heinemann Active Maths to Teejay as well as an array of stage specific concrete materials to aide understanding.  At first we focus on concrete materials. Once pupils have mastered basic skills the focus is moved to pictorial forms of mathematical representations and finally abstract examples such as 24-18 = 6. The aim is always to support the learning. The concrete, pictorial and abstract approach continues each year to build on previously mathematical knowledge. The aim is to develop a mathematical mindset. One that develops number sense and recognises the opportunities within mistakes.

Above you will see the schools Math's Mascot Maisie Maths. The design for our Math's Mascot was decided after a whole school competition. The winner was a Primary 1 pupil!

We aim to add to this section of the website during session 2017/18. At the moment have a look at the different tabs. The school has uploaded examples of stage specific home learning activities and instructional videos on home certain areas of mathematics are taught. The video section will be added to with videos by teachers and pupils. There is also a tab section which includes the data compiled from last sessions Maths Questionnaire. The feedback from the questionnaire is currently being used to inform the school's planning for developing the mathematics provision at Victoria Primary School.