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Falkirk School Lunch Menu 2017/18

Falkirk Council run a 3 week lunch menu cycle. Pupils can choose a traditional hot meal or a soup and sandwich option. A daily bread basket, chilled water and a selection of salad and fruit is included in the meal price.

All pupils in Primary 1-3 are entitled to a free school meal.

The meals are carefully prepared in our school kitchens to make sure that the fat, sugar and salt content in the recipes used is not excessive. All our menus meet the requirements of The School (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Scotland Act 2007.

Lunch choices are ordered in the morning and are identified on the weekly menu planner as:
• Option 1 (green wrist band)
• Option 2 (yellow wrist band)
• Option 3 (blue wrist band)

This guarantees pupils their first choice of main meal. It also makes the lunch queue quicker, as catering staff can identify the pupil's meal choice by the colour of wristband they are wearing.

The council offer vegetarian choices and meat free options. If a pupil requires a medically prescribed diet, they will arrange to meet with the parent/carer to discuss menu choices once a declaration form has been completed. Prescribed diet declaration forms can be picked up from the school office.