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TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) is an early intervention program where children who would benefit from a little help are provided with a trained coach who will work with them for an hour a week, for a whole school year.

The programme enables trained volunteers to become coaches and work on a one to one basis with children, with the overall aim of improving a child’s behaviour and in turn raise their levels of learning. TLG trains and equips volunteers with proven resources to help children explore their choices and the consequences of the decisions that they make. Our training will equip each coach to become a trusted support to the child, their teacher and their family.

Through regular conversations with home, the coach will be able to offer support and discuss strategies used to help the pupil in the sessions which may be helpful at home too. In many cases feedback is given on a weekly basis.


Pictured second from the left is Dave Bremmer, one of the coaches.